• Dual Fuel, a Revolution in Technology
    In 2005 and 2006 ProCom Heating developed and patented Dual Fuel, a process that would set us apart from all other heating manufacturers. Dual Fuel allows the consumer the ability to utilize either Liquid Propane or Natural Gas in the same appliance. The system contains critical, dual fuel gas components that allows one appliance to burn multiple fuels independently, providing quality vent free combustion and optimum heat and efficiency.

    Dual Fuel allows users to bypass the need for expensive conversion kits. Additionally, our units can be switched between Liquid Propane to Natural Gas, then back, by simply utilizing the appropriate inlet and setting the selector valve. You will never have to buy another heat source, no matter what energy source you plan on using!

  • NextGen, taking Dual Fuel to the next level
    Dual Fuel was an industry game changer for Procom Heating, providing technology that was not available anywhere else. But we didn’t stop there; with our consumers in mind, ProCom developed the NextGen valve, a welcome addition to our patented Dual Fuel technology that simplifies the process by eliminating the selection process between energy sources.

    The NextGen valve allows a user to simply connect their energy source to the appropriate inlet, and then the system is ready. The valve will adjust the system components to the correct pressure for the efficient heat output that our customers have enjoyed for years. Previously, there was a selector valve which needed adjusting, now, you simply plug it in and you are ready to heat!

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