Get Him A Workshop Heater for Valentines Day

Turn the garage or basement into a man cave with supplemental heaters. What were you going to get him for Valentines Day? Flowers? Red shorts? A stupid stuffed bear? Get the gift that keeps on giving...warmth! Many guys use their garage or basement space as a workshop, studio, or man cave and need to invest…
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The Advantages of Buying A Ventless Fireplace

Buying A Ventless Fireplace Aside from the fact that there will be no squirrels getting caught in your chimney, one of the best benefits of buying a Ventless Fireplace is that it is 99% efficient. What does that mean? Because there is no flue or vent needed, all of the heat generated by your Ventless…
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Dual Fuel, a Revolution in Technology

In 2005, the engineering team at ProCom Heating developed and patented Dual Fuel, a process that would set Procom apart for all other heating manufacturers. Dual Fuel allows the consumer the ability to utilize either Liquid Propane or Natural Gas in the same appliance. The system contains critical, gas specific parts that are duplicated for…
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NextGen, taking Dual Fuel to the next level

Dual Fuel was an industry game changer for Procom Heating, providing technology that was not available anywhere else. But we didn’t stop there; with our consumers in mind, ProCom developed the NextGen valve, a welcome addition to our patented Dual Fuel technology that simplifies the process of setting, and switching, between energy sources. The NextGen…
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