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Convert Your Fireplace to Natural Gas with a Fireplace Insert

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Convert Your Fireplace to Natural Gas with a Fireplace Insert A fireplace insert is like a wood stove that has been modified to fit within the firebox of a regular fireplace. These “inserts” are used to convert drafty fireplaces, which are energy inefficient and pollute the environment, into an effective heating system. A fireplace insert […]

ProCom Heating Authorized Service Center

Interested Being An Authorized Service Center

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Interested being an Authorized Service Center for ProCom Heating? ProCom Heating needs qualified companies to service our products! The Authorized Service Provider program is designed for companies interested in offering service to ProCom customers, whether they are consumers or businesses. ProCom seeks to ensure that all Service Providers are able to deliver exceptional customer service […]

Fireplace Surround - ProCom Heating

Hot Fireplace Surround Design Ideas

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Hot Fireplace Surround Design Ideas Nothing captures the attention of a room like a roaring fireplace but just as important is the fireplace surround design. What is a fireplace surround? A fireplace surround is made up of a mantel, a back panel and an outer hearth. It is the architectural element that surrounds a fireplace […]

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Benefits of Sitting By A Fire

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Why is sitting next to a fire so relaxing? According to a University of Alabama study, watching a fire lowers blood pressure and the enjoyment of gazing at fire is rooted in evolution. The act of gathering around a fire dates back to prehistoric times and researchers found an average of a 5% decrease in […]


Do Fireplaces Really Heat Up Your Home’s Value?

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Real estate agents and homebuyers list fireplaces as one of their most sought-after features. found that a fireplace was the No. 1 feature most often mentioned in home listings and more than 60% of homeowners and buyers say they are looking for a fireplace when purchasing a home. Fireplaces have always been a hot […]

What is Dual Fuel Technology?

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Dual Fuel Technology A dual-fuel heating system is capable of using two types of fuel like Natural Gas and Propane. Dual Fuel was an industry game changer for ProCom Heating that provided technology that was not available anywhere else. The system contains gas specific parts that are duplicated for each energy source, providing quality ventless […]

ProCom Blue Flame Outdoor Heater

Get Him A Workshop Heater for Valentines Day

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Get your Man the Gift of Comfort Most Workshops detached from the home and even most Garages, are insulation free. Working and tinkering in the cold months can be uncomfortable, making even the most ardent hobbyist choose to postpone work till warmer days. This year, you can help transform your Valentine‚Äôs workshop or garage into […]

Buying Ventless Fireplace - Procom Heating

The Advantages of Buying A Ventless Fireplace

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Buying A Ventless Fireplace Aside from the fact that there will be no squirrels getting caught in your chimney, one of the best benefits of buying a Ventless Fireplace is that it is 99% efficient. What does that mean? Because there is no flue or vent needed, all of the heat generated by your Ventless […]