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The Advantages of Buying A Ventless Fireplace

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Buying Ventless Fireplace - Procom Heating

Buying A Ventless Fireplace

Aside from the fact that there will be no squirrels getting caught in your chimney, one of the best benefits of buying a Ventless Fireplace is that it is 99% efficient.

What does that mean?

Because there is no flue or vent needed, all of the heat generated by your Ventless Fireplace goes directly into the room instead of up the chimney.

According to the Patio and Hearth Association, Ventless fireplaces boast a much higher efficiency rate compared to only 70-85% for the vented units.

Ease of Installation

Another benefit of buying a ventless fireplaces is you don’t have to cut into the wall to create a vent.

Ventless Fireplaces are much less expensive and easier to install compared to traditional gas or wood fireplaces.

If you don’t have to cut into the roof or a wall to install then that is a hassle and an expense you can avoid.

If you choose an electric or propane fireplace, you can place it anywhere.

Ventless Fireplace is Wood Pile alternative

No messy wood to stack with a Ventless Fireplace

No Wood Storage

I grew up in Maine and we had a woodstove to heat our downstairs living area.

Every fall I had to haul and stack 3 chords of wood (that’s 2 tons!) and the cost was over $1000 depending on the quality of the wood.

I clearly remember my sweat attracting hundreds of black flies that swarmed up my nose and prehistoric spiders that would sidle across the living room floor after emerging from the wood pile once they were comfortably transported inside.

With a ventless fireplace, there is no wood, no sweat and no bugs, just convenient warmth when you need it.

No Messy Clean Up or Fire Starting

A Ventless Fireplace is going to be either electric, propane or natural gas, so no need to gather newspaper and kindling in a bundle, adjust the airflow or even strike a match.

There is no smoke or fumes or messy clean up – just turn it on.

Supplemental Heat

Ventless Fireplaces help minimize energy bills by utilizing the supplemental heating technique of warming just the room you are currently in, rather than the entire house which wastes energy.

Ventless Fireplaces Create Moisture

If your house is dry in the winter then that extra moisture will be a great benefit.

The amount of water produced can be up to 4.8 gallons in the air within 24 hours of operation of a 28,000 Btu natural gas heater.

If you live in a wetter climate, you might want to take that extra moisture into consideration.

Co2 Dangers?

All ProCom Ventless Fireplaces are safe because they have an oxygen detection sensor (ODS) that will automatically shut down the fireplace.

When the oxygen level falls, the gas supply to the fireplace shuts off.

Ventless Fireplace

A Ventless Fireplace is Your Best Option

Everyone enjoys a warm fire on a cold winter night, and what better way to enjoy that fire without the hassle and expense of constantly feeding it wood.

A ventless fireplace suits any home, looks fantastic and functions with an outstanding level of performance.

Ventless fireplaces offer homeowners freedom from energy cost and are convenient, low-cost alternatives to traditional fireplaces.