About Us

ProCom Heating Inc. is one of the World’s leading manufacturers of heating appliances with high quality fireplace ideas for your home. Established in 1996, ProCom has manufactured gas heating appliances for over 20 years in state of the art facilities, both overseas and domestically. With locations in Brea, California and Bowling Green, KY, ProCom has the ability to respond to changing dynamics in global manufacturing by leveraging our expansive network of contract factories overseas or our state of the art facility in Kentucky. This makes ProCom Heating the only company in the heating industry to have the ability to maximize our facilities to effectively maintain a competitive cost advantage whether we produce overseas or domestically.

ProCom has grown our market share based off of the development of industry-changing technology. Our Patented Dual Fuel, and subsequent NextGen Dual Fuel, technologies are on the forefront of innovation. Dual Fuel allows for either Natural Gas or Liquid Propane to be used in one appliance, without the need to purchase any conversion kits or materials. Our NextGen Dual Fuel technology makes it even easier on installers and consumers to utilize whichever energy source, and switch back, without the need to manually select the gas being used, just hook up the gas and you are good to go.

ProCom Heating supplies premium gas heating products to consumers thru various retail outlets as well as online. We stand behind our products with a strong customer service department and in house technical assistance in our call center, conveniently located in our Bowling Green Kentucky Design, Development and manufacturing center. This close proximity to our Engineering Staff makes our call center uniquely qualified to answer any questions that a consumer may have as well as minimizes our turn around for product problem resolution.

ProCom Heating Inc. is a proud member of the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce as well as an ardent supporter of various organizations and charities in the Bowling Green Kentucky area.